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After my run, I connect the nano to my computer, and my workout data feeds my account at Up pops a bar chart for every day I've run. The higher the bar, the farther I've run. Holding my cursor over a bar reveals the distance I ran on that date, how fast I ran in miles per hour, how many calories I burned and how long I ran. When I click on that bar, cheap louboutin shoes online another chart opens that indicates my speed at each point in the run. A red dot shows at what point in the run my Power Song kicked in. Every time I connect my iPod to the site, I'm building my running history. What could be easier?

At that site, you can set goals to run faster or farther or more often or burn more calories. You also can connect with other Nike + iPod users to challenge one another to the lowest time, the farthest distance, that sort of thing. cheap red bottom shoes The loser has to buy dinner or some other small payout that keeps the challenge fun.

This is a great system that has me looking forward to the pleasureful pain of running to music.

After chasing a tip, Chicago police said Monday they seized 13,725 pairs of counterfeit Nike shoes on the South louboutin high heels

The shoes, which could have fetched $1.1 million, were seized at a storefront in the 9000 block of South Commercial Avenue, where Chukwuemeka Ebelechukwu, replica christian louboutin heels a Nigerian native living in Chicago, is accused of housing the shoes, officials said.

"I think it was a storefront being more or less used as a warehouse," said Officer Carol McGee, who executed the warrant cheap louboutin red bottom heels and along with her partner received the tip about the operation.

Ebelechukwu, of the 11100 block of South Homewood Avenue, was charged Monday with unlawful use of a trademark, according to Detective Jason Pullappally. cheap christian louboutin shoes outlet Ebelechukwu is scheduled to appear for a bond hearing Tuesday.

The seizure, though sizable, is not the biggest for counterfeit Nikes, according to Vada Manager, a spokesman for the company.

"It usually happens in a lot of port cities and states, places like Florida, New York, New Jersey, and really anywhere where Nike product is popular," he cheap replica christian louboutin shoes said. In a July 2005 raid, New York police seized more than 27,000 pairs of Nike shoes worth about $2 million, Manager said.

"We don't know for sure, but our information tells us that he might have been getting them from China or online," McGee said.